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I am a new comer to Yoga, and have found Anita has helped so much with the technique and correct postures. I feel muscles I didn't when trying it a home. Her classes have variety which keeps challenging us but she also makes concessions and modifications for my injuries. Anita has a calm and positive manner and I always leave class feeling happier and calmer. I highly recommend Anita for anyone thinking if trying yoga or looking for a new class


Anita's prenatal yoga classes have been fantastic, especially during lockdown. They were conducted over zoom which worked really well and gave me something to lookforward to each week. I started the classes at the beginning of my 2nd trimester and found them really enjoyable, relaxing and really helped me with my changing body. I highly recommend these classes if you are pregnant! Thank you Anita.


I lost alot of confidence in what my body could manage to do having suffered with chronic pain for several years. Anita was great in setting challenges at a level I was able. Since starting regular yogo with Anita I have come on leaps and bounds and feel great within myself. Relaxing and invigorating exercise!!!


I enjoyed the sessions so much. Each session gave me an hour every Thursday to switch off from the craziness of day to day life and allowed me to really connect with my baby and focus on just us, together as one.
She also taught us some breathing techniques and positions for use during labour which I found useful.

Anita’s savasana at the end of each session was so calming and I looked forward to that part each week
I would definitely recommend giving Anita’s pregnancy yoga a go at any stage of pregnancy!


Love attending Anitas class she is an excellent teacher enduring j am alwsys in the right position which protects me from injury. Fully explains each step. My back is improving with each class along with destressing and helping me with my core strength. Highly recommend attending Anitas classes

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