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Pregnancy yoga was something I had always liked the idea of, even before becoming pregnant as it was something I had tried before being pregnant and enjoyed. But with covid restrictions etc I wasn’t sure what classes were going ahead so when I came across Anita’s post on the Facebook page ‘Births in East Lancashire’ I was excited that in these crazy times I would still be able to do it and booked on.
I enjoyed the sessions so much. Each session gave me an hour every Thursday to switch off from the craziness of day to day life and allowed me to really connect with my baby and focus on just us, together as one.
I really appreciated this time out each week, and cherished the fact that I was another week further into my pregnancy and another week closer to meeting my baby. She also taught us some breathing techniques and positions for use during labour which I found useful. Anita’s savasana at the end of each session was so calming and I looked forward to that part each week
I would definitely recommend giving Anita’s pregnancy yoga a go at any stage of pregnancy!

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